Only Wireguided includes the World’s #1 Security Technology with its Managed IT Services.

SentinelOne’s Singularity EDR is now part of our Keep IT Simple Managed Services Plan!


Antivirus can’t protect your company anymore. Once an attacker breaches your network it’s game over. With Endpoint Detection and Response (EDR) technology, threats that get past the first line of defense are identified by machine learning technology, terminated in their tracks, and changes instantly remediated. By including SentinelOne Singularity EDR with our Keep IT Simple Managed Services Plan, Wireguided protects clients like no other MSP in the industry.

  • Neutralize Known & Unknown Threats

  • Terminate Active Attacks

  • Stop New Fileless Type Attacks

  • Rollback Systems to Preattack State

  • Millisecond Response Time

  • Artificial Intelligence Based Protection

Detection and Response

Antivirus can only try to stop known attacks. SentinelOne will kill and rollback any threat, known or unknown. Ransomware doesn’t stand a chance.

Active Monitoring

With SentinelOne’s advanced alerting our security team can respond with lightning speed to any security incident. When the hackers attack, we’ll be ready.

SentinelOne vs The Competition

All Devices. All Secured.

No matter what your infrastructure looks like, Wireguided will protect it. Windows, Mac, Linux, Cloud. SentinelOne EDR has it covered.

Protected like the Big Guys

Your company deserves the same protection a large corporations. Only Wireguided includes the world’s leading EDR with our managed services.

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