Cloud Backup Prices have Dropped 60%

Cloud Backup Prices have Dropped 60%

Budget Savings Cloud disaster planning News

The good thing about technology is that the price of things usually drops over time. With the competition in the cloud space at an all time high our backup provider just dramatically lowered our pricing. So we did what any good IT partner would do and lowered our prices to match.

Lower Pricing and More Services

Not only did prices drop an amazing 60% but we can now offer additional services. All our plans now include at no additional charge the following:

  • Live database backups (Microsoft SQL & Microsoft Exchange)
  • Virtual Machine Backups (VMware & Hyper-V)
  • Option to backup your data locally
  • Self-Managing Portal

New Unlimited Plan

We are very excited that we can now offer an unlimited backup option. For one low rate you can back up as much data as you want. No limits mean no more worries about missing items or overage charges.

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Wireguided 2.0 is Here!

Wireguided 2.0 is Here!

Cloud News

[slogan]After 12 years in business it was time for an upgrade. We have put into place improvements in every area of our business to make sure we continue to provide the best IT services for our partners.[/slogan]

Billing Improvements

    Invoices will now be sent monthly – You spoke, we listened. Invoices for managed services will be switched from quarterly to monthly starting with your next invoice.

    We now accept credit cards You can now pay for anything via credit card. There is no difference in price and a portion of the fees we pay go to support the Disabled American Veterans. Optional auto-payment is available to make remittance even easier for our managed service clients.


►    Online invoices We recently switched to a much improved accounting system so you may now view the status of all your invoices online.

Cloud Upgrades  

►    New cloud services We are now able to offer industry leading cloud based anti-virus from Symantec and phone service from Nextiva.

Symantec Cloud Antivirus Console

    No more long term contracts for cloud services – We successfully renegotiated new terms with our cloud partners (e.g. online backups). After the end of your current cloud service contract it will automatically be switched to month-to-month. Auto payment by credit card will be required.

    We are in the cloud– All our internal services are now cloud based to improve our ability to communicate with you no matter what. We no longer fear Nor’easters.

Management Enhancements

    Improved executive report – Our newly designed executive report (which will be arriving shortly) now includes updated recommendations based on the latest version of our 150 point best practices infrastructure audit.

IR Sample
New Executive Report Sample

►    Upgraded Desktop Support We have migrated to a greatly enhanced remote desktop support system. Improvements include support for Macs, fully encrypted connections, chat function, whiteboard, user notification, faster response times and the ability to access any Internet connected system.  We can even turn on computers (if supported).

    Faster Proactive Maintenance With our improved system tools we are rolling out faster software updates then ever before with less user interruption. In fact, we just upgraded three critical applications for all our clients in just two days and nobody noticed a thing.

►    Enhanced System Management – With our upgraded software we can better manage your infrastructure. Improvements include faster software updates, better cloud service integration and the ability to monitor the health of systems outside the office (laptops & home based systems).

Management Console Sample
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Wireguided enters the Cloud!

Wireguided enters the Cloud!

Budget Savings News

Wireguided LLC is proud to announce that we are now offering hosted solutions for Email, Intranet, Sales Management, Business Communication and Disaster Recovery.

Why Cloud Services?

Cloud Services (aka hosted, aka Software as a Service/SaaS) allow an organization to have the services and solutions of large businesses without having to purchase or support  the infrastructure (servers & software).  Also, businesses looking to have secure remote backups or shrink their IT footprint should consider this solution.

How does it work?

Instead of spending thousands on hardware and software licenses, companies pay a small per user fee. In the case of  our remote backup solution, the fee is based on how much data is stored. Wireguided has a 30 day no questions asked refund policy on all our hosted services (except remote backups). We offer a 99.99% up time guarantee on all services.

What is offered?

Wireguided is offering a broad range of IT services that meet the needs of businesses large and small:

  • Microsoft Exchange – Industry leading solution includes Email (built in Spam/Anti-virus), private /shared calendars,  and contact lists. Free Outlook 2007 client with each account. Mailbox sizes start at 5GB. Additional services such as Blackberry /ActiveSync support and compliant archiving are available.
  • Remote Backups – Backup your data, from servers to desktops, in a secure off-site location. All stored data is encrypted and meets all state and federal regulations (SEC, GBL, SOX, HIPPA). A free local backup is included and the process is fully automated. No need to swap tapes anymore.
  • Microsoft Dynamics CRM – Improve your sales management. CRM software allows you to manage existing customers, prospects, and support teams. More info HERE.
  • Microsoft Sharepoint–  Sharepoint allows your staff to collaborate via the web in order to share documents, run blogs, intranets, wikis, and more.
  • Microsoft Office Communication Server – OCS provides a secure, private, and legally compliant method for instant messaging and 1-to-1 video. OCS integrates with Outlook and Sharepoint and allows for conversations to be saved and free/busy status to be provided.

To see if a cloud service solution is right for your organization or to get pricing please contact Wireguided.


Phone: 781-679-0660