Creating PDF documents…..for FREE.

The PDF is one of the most common file formats. It provides a nice clean and standard way to share documents. A common question we get is, how do I create a PDF file? The standard answer is to purchase Adobe Acrobat for around $280. That price is pretty steep for most Small/Medium businesses (depending on how many copies they need) and quickly adds up.

If your business just needs to generate standard PDF documents then there is a great utility which does the job quick and at no cost. The application is called doPDF. The install is fast and the use is very simple. Just ‘print’ to the doPDF ‘printer’ from the normal list of printers in the drop down menu in Word or any other program.

If your organization needs to encrypt, markup, or use any extended PDF feature, then you more than likely will need to stick with Adobe Acrobat. However, for the 70% who just need to create PDF documents, you now have a free option.

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