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Cybersecurity / Training / Disaster Recover

From monitoring to cloud backups. We got you covered.


#1 Rated EDR Software


The next evolution in security is here.

Antivirus cannot protect your company anymore. Wireguided utilizes the world's #1 EndPoint Detection and Response (EDR) software to not only block attacks on endpoints, but to terminate and rollback any attacks that get through. Only Wireguided includes EDR in it's Managed Services Plan.

7 x 24 x 365 Monitoring


We never stop protecting your network.

Our team monitors your network and endpoints for any signs of trouble. Our automated systems can detect signs of potential security breaches, ransomware attacks, or system failures. With our cutting edge self healing technology many issues are fixed before you even know there is a problem.

Incident Response


From breaches to disaster recovery.

Did your organizaiton suffer a data breach or data loss?  Our response team will determine how it occured, what information was compromised, begin the recovery process, and outline how to prevent another incident in the future. We are there when you need us.

Vulnerability Auditing


Offensive cybersecurity.

The best defense is a good offence. Our red team will attempt to breach your company as a hacker would utilizing the latest tools and techniques. Weaknesses will be detailed in a presentation & report and an action plan will be created so you can lock down and protect your organization. 

Cloud Security


Remote doesn't have mean insecure.

Cloud services and remote employees have a unique set of security challenges. Wireguided will analyze your current configuration and implement nessesary securty protocols to keep your Microsoft 365, Azure, or AWS cloud services running securely.

Ransomware Protection


Defend your data and get back to business quickly.

Criminals are just a click away from bringing your business to its knees. Wireguided will utilize all the latest techniques from EDR software, email protection, DNS filtering, employee training, and secure backup strategies to protect your organization.

Employee Training

Onsite or Remote

Turn your organization's biggest security risk into its best strength. Wireguided provides onsite and remote security training for your employees. Example training includes phishing identification, how to handle customer private information (PI), and physical security awareness.

Credential Management

Securing the keys to the castle

Did you know that many IT companies will store your organization's login IDs and passwords in an insecure spreadsheet? Wireguided protects your credentials behind multiple passwords, encryption, and biometrics. All access to your information is audited and loged. Sleep well at night.

Patch Management

Up to date, all the time.

Unpatched devices are not only a security risk, but can hamper productivity. Our automated management infrastructure keeps your endpoints, network devices, servers, and 3rd party applicatons up to date with the latest releases. 

Achieve IT happiness like all our clients

"I can say without exaggeration that Wireguided provides the most excellent service I have ever experienced."

Esther GriswoldEsther GriswoldDirector | EDS Library

"Wireguided is great for us. We had wanted to switch IT companies for a while now. I only wish we had done it sooner."

Bruce DelleChiaieBruce DelleChiaieGM | Watertown Engineering

"My experience has left me feeling that Wireguided is more of a co-worker than a vendor. I can’t thank them enough."

Andrew HegartyAndrew HegartySr. Engineer | Faulkner Hospital

"Since Wireguided has taken over the care of our IT things have been much easier for us. They are only a phone call away."

Lisa WollastonLisa WollastonOffice Manager | Sweezey Fence Erectors



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