Can you hear me now? Good!

Over the past few months we have been hearing from you, our customers, about issues with reaching us via phone. Dropped calls, voice mails not being received, and other phone related problems. Our internal troubleshooting has come to the conclusion that our existing phone system is just not up to snuff anymore.

Instead of trying to fix it we are tossing it out the window and installing a brand new, cutting edge, voice response system. The following are the biggest changes coming in about 4 weeks:

  • Single number for everything – Our existing office number, (781) 679-0660, will not be changing. Instead, we will be eliminating all other numbers.
  • Better connectivity –  Dialing an engineer’s extension will now be forwarded to where they can best be reached (mobile, home, etc.). In addition, voice mail messages will now be within the system (instead of on the mobile phone) . This allows other support members access to messages if the person is out of the office.
  • Enhanced emergency response – When dialing the emergency response extension all support engineers’ phones are rung. In the instance where nobody is available to pick up the call, voice mail messages are now sent as email to all technical support staff. Engineers receive a text message as well.
  • Streamlined menu options – We have flattened out our menu to be just one level. No more pressing 1, then 2, then 3.
  • Dial by name directory – Simple (and now working) dial by name option.
  • Improved audio – You will now be much better able to hear the menu options.

We will be sending out more notifications as we get closer to the cut over date. We hope these changes will improve our response times and make it easier for our clients to reach us.

UPDATE (11/29/2010): Cutover is scheduled for Dec 7th.